Niao Gu

Yesterday a customer called me a "niao gu" (Hokkien for strict and stingy) just because I did not allowed her to redeem 2 complimentary car park tickets using one receipt, which is the rule.

She thought I did not heard it.


Well Mrs. Customer, I think you are then the "niao gu!!" ケチなババー!!

And tell you what, I still won in the end because you still only get 1 ticket from me. HAHAHA!
Nanny nanny, boo boo!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

I think one is not enough I may need more because everyday those customers are enough to kill me.

Or better still,give me some to throw at them.






Today ION seems like a mini Japan.
There were a lot of Japanese tourists in the mall.
Because of Golden Week maybe (a series of Japanese national holidays occuring on the first week of May) where many Japanese will take this time to travel within or beyond their country.

Patience Is A Virtue

This is what I mean by testing of patience...

Shopper: Excuse me, where is the toilet?

Officer: Yes madam, for toilet you have to go down one level from the escalator there and it will be on the left side.

Shopper: Where?

Officer: One level down from the escalator there madam.

Shopper: Escalator where?

Officer: On the right side there madam.

Shopper: Where?

Officer (voice starting to get a bit louder): On the right side there.

Shopper: There?

Officer: Yes there.

Shopper: Go down?

Officer (getting annoyed): Yes go down!

Shopper: Which side after that?

Officer: On the left side!

Shopper: From there?

Officer (getting more impatient): YES THERE!!

Shopper: Go down?

Officer: YEESSS!!!

Very Wonderland

Ever since I started working at the prestigious three-letter shopping mall right in the heart of Orchard Road, like the White Rabbit in the Alice's adventures, I did not have time for almost everything. Friends, blogging, movies, music, television, I have been missing out a lot in participating in these pastimes of mine.

Everyday getting angered by unreasonable customers who fussed over the slightest thing; meeting customers who have to make you repeat the same instructions for god-knows how many times to direct them; and helping countless lost souls to get out of this shopping wonderland has completely drained off my energy to do anything.

And I said that the mall is a wonderland itself because there's no other shopping malls along Orchard Road where you can find a gigantic nutmeg, a shopping maze in the underground, a shop by the name of "Very Wooooderland" that sells funky-designed clothes, and animals of all sorts dining with you in the food court.

So you never know how elated I was when I finally get to meet up with two of my long-time secondary school mates, ZQ and PS, both of whom was last seen since July last year at PS's wedding. With ZQ, we headed for a quick movie, settling for "Alice In Wonderland". And after that making a quick visit to PS's new home-sweet-home at Sembawang at an oddly hour of 11pm. She asked us to go because she wanted us to help her cleared her leftover Chinese New Year goodies.

Alice In Wonderland the movie is nice although a little lame. It is my first time that I saw heads of so many kinds, shapes and sizes in a movie. You have the Mad Hatter with a head of orange fizzy hair that looks like a lot of conditioning is needed. The Twins that scarily bears a great resemblance to the "Cabbage Patch Kids". The Red Queen with such an enormous head and always wanting people to be off with their heads. In contrast, her white-as-ghost sister, the White Queen, although has a smaller head but I think it is empty inside.

It is funny that I think Alice In Wonderland is one of the least popular Disney's cartoon amongst all because I do not remembered watching Alice the cartoon when I was young. In school, they always played the favourites like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to which we always groaned about it. Hence, I actually do not know the story of Alice until now.

After watching the movie, I also reckoned that if there's a chance, I would love to stay at the White Queen's palace because there are so many pink cherry blossom trees around. How beautiful the scene it must be to see those pink flower petals falling onto the ground everyday... 

Alright, now back to work in the reality wonderland.


Very first day at SISTIC counter...

Me: Hi, welcome sir what show are you purchasing?

Customer: Show.

Me: E? Erm yes sir, I mean what show are you looking at?

Customer: Show.

Me: (Already a bit impatient). Yes, yes sir. I mean what show are you going for?

Customer: Show. Show Luo Zhi Xiang's concert. Show.

Me: Orh, Show!!!...


Deserved-to-be-Whacked-in-the-Head Scene (1)

(Customer just bought tickets for XXX performance on 18 March, 7pm)
Me: Hi yes madam, are you going for the same date, 18 March, 7pm for Chicago musical as well?

Deserved-to-be-Whacked-in-the-Head Scene (2)

(Customer just came to collect his tickets a few minutes ago and wants to make another ticket purchase)
Me: Hi yes sir, is this your first time booking tickets?